Q. What does it mean to be the Hands of JESUS?

A.   As christians God works through our actions to reflect how merciful and loveing he is! Being the hands of Jesus to me means we should treat others with the same tenderness and forgiveness he has gave to us. When someone is hurting we should comfort them, If someone comes to our door hungry we should prepare them a meal,and if a person comes to the church doors with old ragged clothes while others may think of that person badly we should not turn them away. greet them with open loving arms for God created  them the same way he created us..in his image. Plus you never know when God will be testing your faithfulness to him!! (Amy Norris).

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At Winfield Baptist Church our Youth aspire to become the best they can for God. Which in turn means to become humble servers, to reach for God in the lowest of places, and explain the gift of salvation to the lowest sinners. Not out of chore, but of love. Out of the joy of showing everyone that HOPE and HELP died on a cross for their sins, and then rose again, defeating death, hell, and the grave. (:

Lead by a WONDERFUL group of people, we have two main Sunday classes available at 10 a.m. each Sunday morning.

Collage Aged Students

Jr & High School Students (:

On Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. the classes join to create a night of fun night of fellowship and devotion.

Come, join us, we have a seat saved with your name on it.

 ♥ The Youth 

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